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Sunday, February 9, 2014

FLN-Gentle Praise

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This is how parents who have lost their children feel. Please understand. How did you lose your daughter? In a fire. Because her corpse couldn’t be found, I always thought she's already dead. When was that? More than years ago. She had just started walking then. How could I resemble her then? Not her. Her elder sister. Her sister looks exactly like you. For a moment just now, I thought my elder daughter revived. Your elder daughter is dead too? I'm sorry, but Online Radio what to do? I am my mother's real daughter. She gave birth to me. I am sure of that. About us looking alike, I'm sorry. When I was young, I wasn't envious of anything except that Online Radio White whipped cream cake, I REALLY wanted to try it. I have packed my stuff. I'm going back now. What is this? My salary. Returning it to you. Oh and Online Radio Well, then Online Radio Thank you and goodbye. Online Radio. Erm Online Radio What? Answer the phone. Hello? Yes, teacher. Eh? Mom? Oh ok, I’ll go back immediately. What happened? My mom fainted. See you. FLN-Gentle Praise Online Radio. Here it is. I didn't take it because I wanted to take it. It's because my mind is in a whirl now and I forgot about it. Goodbye. Director. Get off. Lend me your car for a while. Director. I’m going to the village. You will take care of the company's affairs. You are driving? Yourself? Work hard and keep in touch. Didn't we arrange to meet Scriptwriter Park? Director, that's a new car! Get in. Eh? Told you to get in the car. Director. Even with an emergency Online Radio You should be going carefully. Otherwise who's going to be responsible if an accident happens? Because of how fast you're going Online Radio Work hard. This is your only chance. If you don't mind your manners again, I'll really fire you. Start directing me when we reach Internet Radio. I'm not too familiar with the roads there. Why? You have something to say? No. Put on your seatbelt. Ok. Teacher. You are here. Teacher, what happened? Everything's fine now. The examination report is out. Luckily it's just appendicitis. What about other areas? Nothing's wrong? Yeah, fortunately.

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