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Monday, February 10, 2014

FLN-Gospel Road

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It didn’t deteriorate, neither did it get better. Still the same. Did the journey home tire you out? Hello. Oh, this is Online Radio He sent me here. You must be really busy. Thank you so much. Don't mention it. Mom Online Radio You are feigning illness again because you miss me, right? If you continue to be like this, I’m not coming back. If you keep crying, I'll go to someone else's house. I won't be your daughter but some other lady's daughter. You want that? No. Mom. No! You can’t do that. Why are you crying? Does it hurt that badly? Looks like mom is really sick. Are you sick because I’m not here? It's ok since I’m back now. Don’t fall sick. I’m already back, so don't fall sick. You cannot fall sick. Director. I want to give this to Online Radio's mom. FLN-Gospel Road Heard that she likes cakes. Will she be able to eat this? Oh, you are too kind. When can she be discharged? They said she can be discharged today. Oh yah, Director. Can I ask you for a favor? I didn’t manage to conduct lessons for the kids today because of Online Radio's mom. So to make up for it, I want to give the kids a present. What present? Since you are here, I would like you to give our kids a special lecture. Special lecture? [Special Lecture] (the writing on the board) What should I say? I hope that you all Online Radio will have Online Radio dreams as big as this. Although all of you are living in little villages, someday, something good will happen in your life, and you'll become a great person. Why is my throat hurting all of a sudden? When I was young, I was also very lonely and sad. But now I'm Online Radio Of course I’m not very wonderful too. But in life Online Radio you have to put in a lot of effort to become successful later There are a lot of ups and downs. There's suffering and pain Online Radio That's life. But everything depends on you guys. That's life. Life Online Radio So you have to keep "going with the flow" that's how you have to live. Everyone clap. Ok. From now onwards, everyone gets to raise a question. Anyone has a question to ask? Ok, what's your name? I'm Suyeon. Ok, Suyeon.

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