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Monday, February 10, 2014

FLN-Peaceful Christmas

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Ask whatever you are curious about. What's the relationship between sister Online Radio and you? Hey, you can't ask that type of question. Next question. Director, please continue with the next question. It's ok, teacher. Sister Online Radio and I, we have a very, very Online Radio important relationship. Human relationship. Do you know how important it is? Director, should we go fishing at the river? Fish? I’m not interested in that. But it's fun! Hey kids! Aren’t we going fishing at the river? Online Radio. I’m going back to Seoul. I’m a busy person, you know. Just a while will do. Hey Kyung Sae, FLN-Peaceful Christmas. Bring the fishing net over! Let's go fishing! You Online Radio Here, over here. Come here, come here. Wow, it's really big, right? Director, shouldn't you be going back to Seoul? Go where? Give Chang Ho a call. Tell him I’m not returning and ask them all to come here. Eh, there's fish over there, there. Come sit over here. Sit. The potato should be cooked. Give me the fish. Here you are. It's hot. Be careful. How is it? Nice, right? It's really delicious. Smells fantastic. In conclusion, potato and fishes still have to be grilled to taste good. It's really tasty. Online Radio. It's so nice that you can live here. There's nothing good about staying here everyday. I’m constantly thinking about going out. When I was young, the public buses only came to this village once every two days. I would be so upset whenever I saw the bus leave. Because I’ve always wanted to go outside. Didn't you attend high school outside? Yeah. I attended high school in town with my friends. But I quit school when I was in the third year and came back here. That was when my mom first fainted. She had to undergo surgery and come back just when her work became important. But her condition worsened lately. Maybe she would need another surgery. FLN-Peaceful Christmas But Director Online Radio I have something to show you. What? When I was young, I used to be very into literary works. Really? Yeah. Director, so that script for the movie, do you think it's possible to let me write that? Erm, I wrote novels before when I was in high school.

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