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Monday, February 10, 2014


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Although it's only a novel, I've always wanted people to read it to gauge its standards. Ok. Let me hear it. What that novel is all about? Serious? In this case, I'll just tell you about the important parts then. Hello. Hello. I didn't greet you properly the other time. FLN-Resound I’m Han Internet Radio. I have something to ask you, that's why I'm here to see you. I tried calling but nobody answered my calls. I Online Radio was ill. Because of that, I stayed in the hospital. This may sound rude but you've worked at this big Korean restaurant at Chong Do a very long time ago, right? A place called Internet Radio. Internet Radio. No. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about that. Online Radio is my daughter. My daughter. She's genuinely my daughter. FLN-Resound The title is "The Power of Love" That's a little rigid. Is it? The content is more important. So let me hear it. It was towards the end of the s, or maybe even at the beginning of the s, during a particular warm spring, in a village in the remote mountains, there's this girl named Soon Ok. Oh my god. Who are you? Please help me. I was bitten by a wild boar. Are you ok? That person had come to Internet Radio for mountaineering. A student from Seoul. How's your wound? It's fine now thanks to you. Then Online Radio Please have dinner. Here. Oh my. The two of them fell in love at first sight. Although the two of them had just met each other, they fell in love and parted. The undergraduate made a promise to Soon Ok that he would definitely return to her. Don't cry. I will definitely come back. It's a promise. You must keep your promise. But he already had a wife. From then on, Soon Ok's life became extremely tough. One fine day at the canteen where she was working, she started burning some charcoal, then went to sleep. In the end, she suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. Sleep well, my child. Stop Online Radio I can't listen to this anymore. The story is too judgmental. You Online Radio It's already what century and you are still creating such simple stories? Don't you feel embarrassed when you are telling the story? Yeah.

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