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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Radio Santa Cruz (FRSC), CA

Free Radio Santa Cruz (FRSC), CA, Free Radio Santa Cruz (FRSC), CA Live, Listen Online, Varied Radio, USA

It's indeed a little simple, right? But don’t you think it's sad? That's Korea's biggest flaw. Trying to evoke sorrow unnaturally. This trend (of stories), is what I despise the most. But your music video the other time was also Online Radio That is Online Radio an exception. It was originally intended that way. That plot was initially Online Radio Eh, we are not talking about my music video now. No. How did you make up that story? Online Radio. Do you know of this phrase "generation spirit"? [society's current state (what people think is cool)] A writer, at all times, needs to be promoting "generation spirit". Free Radio Santa Cruz (FRSC), CA That's the fundamentals of being a writer. "Generation spirit" Online Radio I don't really understand that. Is my story really that meaningless? Could it be that you dislike guys, Online Radio? Why do you think so badly of guys? That's an old fashioned way of thinking. How do you know that the undergraduate did not like the girl? No, he didn’t like her. He was a jerk. He liked her. Told you he didn't. Told you he liked her. You kid. I'm telling you he liked her. There is no reason why he didn't like her just because she lived in the mountains. So kind and innocent. You kid, love is just like that, without reasons at all. Didn't you say your story is titled "The Power of Love"? No. That's referring to the love between Soon Ok and her child. Is that the only type of love? Haven't you been in a relationship before? I have. When? When I was in high school. With my class vicepresident. That guy went to Seoul, correct? Yeah. He did his university studies in Seoul. Free Radio Santa Cruz (FRSC), CA How could this type of person exist? It's all because of him that you made up such a ridiculous story, right? Why are you so agitated? Since when was I agitated? This is my mom's story, not mine. I've always wanted to write my mom's story. Anyway, just treat it like you've never heard of this story. I also feel that it's a childish story. No, no, it's not childish. Just a little Online Radio Just Online Radio Ouch, it hurts. Are you ok? You should eat too. Why aren't you eating at all? Chairman.

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