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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Talk Live

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It's me, Internet Radio. I went there already. I'm sorry for bothering you with this kind of matters. After seeing that child, her mom is acting a little weird and has fallen sick. If this carries on, I'm afraid I will lose my daughterinlaw as well. So, did you see her? It's not, right? Give me more details. Mom. I Online Radio I have to prepare dinner for Director. I can't just sit here like that. Mom, you are still sick. I will take care of dinner. I will make some soup then. Someone is preparing the soup now. Preparing the soup now? Who? Wow, Director is doing pretty well, eh? As if you have been living in our village since you were young. Of course. I have always been the type of person who excels in everything. Stay indoors. It'll get warm soon. Go in, I'll do it. Told you I can. Let me do it. I can do it. Come, I'll do it. No. You Online Radio Which girl has a head as hard as yours? What's your head filled with? You are not any better Director. It hurts. Let me see. What? Your face is black. Director, you are not any fairer too. The fire is spreading out. What can we grill here? Where did I put it? We can cook this! What is this? Potato? Potato. You did well. Bring more here. You move over a little. Wild Boar. What? Director. Wild boar, wild boar. Where, where? Where's the wild boar? You believe? This kid Online Radio really Online Radio Yeah. You are all trying to survive too. I’m sorry for scaring you. Smells good. Title "An angry day" The kids are forever ridiculing that my mom's an Web Radio Web Radio, Web Radio. Online Radio's mom is an Web Radio. I was so angry. I couldn’t bear with it anymore, so I clobbered Internet Radio. Finally, all was quiet. Let's go. Online Radio Online Radio sleep tight. Mom did you hear anything? What? Nothing? Perhaps I heard wrongly then. You slept here throughout the night? No, I just came over. It's raining. How's your mom? I intend to stay for another day before I leave. She had fever the entire night. Doesn't she need to go to the hospital? No, it's ok. Although it's ok, I still want to stay for another day before I leave.

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