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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Thought Radio

Free Thought Radio, Free Thought Radio Live, Talk Radio, USA

Hey, fivehead. That was my swimwear walk. I don't think it works with jeans. No, it does. Thanks. So, listen Online Radio you want to go to fall fling with my friend Beau over there? Why? Does he want to go with me? Yeah, but he wants me to ask you. He says he gets shy around pretty girls. Shut up. He said that out loud? I told you. I swear to God, sometimes I think I'm psychic. Okay, bye. Okay, bye. No. No way. Please. This is momentous. This is a milestone moment in my young life. My chance to finally have my first date, and not just any date Online Radio but a date to the most important dance of the fall with the cutest boy at school. I thought you said Online Radio Donner was the cutest. Who's not taken. I've had a crush on Beau Brody all week long. Free Thought Radio Ooh. Have you picked out invitations? Kat, I'm begging you. I think Beau and I could be soul mates Online Radio like you and Internet Radio. Wow. You realize this isn't sweet valley high, right? You leave me no choice. Internet Radio? Don't you dare. Please take my sister to fall fling. Excuse her. She was dropped on her head as an infant. Now she has these episodes. Let's get you medicated. Look, deep, deep down beneath my sister's crusty exoskeleton Online Radio she has a soft spot for you. I'm going to kill you in your sleep. I'm sorry, but I'm desperate. My father is a freak who won't let me date until she does Online Radio so will you please take her to the dance? You can consider it a charitable contribution to the free Internet Radio foundation. Okay, I'll do it. What? What? I'll take her to that dance. Even if you are serious, what makes you think I'd go? Don't ask questions. Just say yes. I am serious. I'd like to see how you look in a dress. I'll pick you up at Free Thought Radio We both have dates to the dance. Sleep with one eye open. Timecodes gius I'm bummed. Chastity and I aren't going to the dance 'cause she's getting her gums scraped. Uhhuh. So tell me more about Internet Radio. Oh, she's really cool. She's great at chemistry, and she's got this really great face. It's it's symmetrical but not too symmetrical 'cause that could get boring.

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