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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free Will Baptist Radio

Free Will Baptist Radio, Free Will Baptist Radio Live, Listen Online, Christian Radio, USA

Right. So she bought all that stuff about me being shy around pretty girls? Why wouldn't she buy it? It's true, right? Dude, I'm the David Beckham of Padua High. I don't need to be shy, but girls dig it. It's nonthreatening. Not cool, Beau. Because of you, I lied to her. Free Will Baptist Radio Hey, man, I'm sorry She's a nice girl. You better treat her right or or I'll treat you wrong. Jeez. Touchy, touchy. Yeah, she can't be that sweet. After all, she did sleep with Internet Radio. I plan on treating her right. You're talking to Beau. Ah, thanks for getting back to me. Can I book a room for Saturday night? Two people. No, no, no, no. One bed. I mean, what do you really know about this Beau guy? He's cute, and he has the best smile, and Online Radio if I tell you something, do you swear to never repeat it to anyone? Sure. This is going to be my first date ever. This is your first date? Free Will Baptist Radio Not so loud. I don't want anybody to think I'm Amish. But, Internet Radio, your first date should be special Online Radio with someone who cares about you and respects you. How much more special can you get than to go with the superhot captain Online Radio of the soccer team? But are are his intentions honorable? We're going to a high school dance, not colonial Williamsburg. I don't know. I just have a bad feeling about him. I know. Why don't you cancel, and we can go together? Oh, you don't have a date. Well, that's okay. You can go with another friend Someone like, um, Benji! Hey. Bye, Web Radio. It's not seethrough. Free Will Baptist Radio That's good. Three inches above the knee. Denied. But, daddy, this is the sixth dress you've rejected. Why don't you wear that nice one you wore to last year's school play? It was my costume. I was playing Helen Keller. It was very flattering. Even she could have seen that. Hi, daddy. Kat, I'll need to approve your outfit as well. I'm going in this. Approved. You can't wear that to the dance. Internet Radio said he wants to see you in a dress. So I should give my date everything he wants. Give your date nothing he wants. Come with me. I'll get you fixed up. I don't need your help.

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