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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Freestyle Express- AddictedToRadio

Freestyle Express- AddictedToRadio, Freestyle Express- AddictedToRadio Live, Listen Online, 80s, 90s, Dance, Latin Hits, USA

You're right. What you need Online Radio is a team of professional stylists, but I'm what you got. Internet Radio is going to love me. Internet Radio, that dress is still too short! I'll slouch! Here we go. Uhuh. This is scary. Don't blink. Trust me, this dress will not look good with an eye patch. Why do women do this? Do men say, "Oh, gosh, you know, she'd be perfect Online Radio if only she had black crap all over her eyelashes"? I finally get to make you over, and you're sucking all the joy out of it. Sorry. Wow. I've been tuning you out for so long Online Radio I never realized you're actually pretty. Oh, my God, I look like a princess. Freestyle Express- AddictedToRadio This is my first date, and I'm so excited, I think I might pee in my pants. Please don't. These shoes are open toe Online Radio and unlike you, I actually have realistic expectations. These things are never fun. How would you know? You've never been to one. It's Internet Radio. He's here. Wait till he sees you looking like that. He is going to die. Not if I die first. I should go save him from dad. No, wait. You have to wait for your descent. What are you talking about? Your descent down the stairs. There's one in every great movie, like she's all that, the classic film Online Radio about the prettyugly girl who becomes pretty. Coincidence? I think not. You realize you're not actually living in a teen movie, right? Be sure to go so slowly Online Radio it looks like you're moving in slow motion. That will give him time to realize he's falling in love. Freestyle Express- AddictedToRadio Seriously, read a newspaper. Wait. Take this lip gloss just in case he gets past your defenses. This is the baby crowning. Oh, this is what placenta looks like. Here's the father cutting the cord. Of course, that's only symbolic Online Radio because he's responsible for that baby for the rest of his life. Got it. Online Radio makes babies. Are you done with your inquisition, dad? We have a stupid teen cliché to be at. I was just showing your friend with the disturbingly deep voice Online Radio who looks much older than what could happen if he's not careful Online Radio and by "careful," I don't mean, use a radio.

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