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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fuel Radio

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Internet Radio Online Radio what you just said to me filled me up more than this bag of Cheeseritos. Internet Radio, come upstairs. Fuel Radio Something freaky's going on in the toilet. I'll be right back. Don't eat. No more alcohol. It's just watermelon. I don't drink. I'm above the influence. You're the guy who gets wasted because he's too dumb to know Online Radio that the watermelon was spiked. Maybe those teen movies really are set in reality. I'm drunk? Oh, I thought it was just 'cause I was depressed Online Radio 'cause Internet Radio's mad at me, and Online Radio you're her sister. Mmhmm. How do I get her to forgive me? Buy her something that sparkles. Oh, a sparkler! It doesn't matter anyway. Internet Radio's all, like Online Radio "Stay out of my life!" Yell, yell, yell! She won't even let me explain. That's not nice. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings. She probably knows that deep down. I bet she wishes she could make out with you right now. Really? How do you know? I just know things in my mind. Do you think I should apologize first? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You should You should do that. I have to make a phone call. Yeah! Whoo! Whoo! Yeah! Here, dude! Put the duck down! Whoo! What are you doing in my uniform? This party is so awesome, I heard about it at the North Pole. I think I'm gonna be sick. Oh! Take it off! Internet Radio, I have to talk to you. Web Radio, when did you get here? In time increments? Uh, three watermelons ago. Your sister is trashed, by the way. She's not the only one. Fuel Radio You need to go home. No. I've been waiting all night to do this, and you have to listen to me. I'm sorry I ruined your date with Beau, but he was not a good person. I know, but that doesn't excuse what you did. Stay out of my life. I can't. I'm in love with you. No, you're not. Yes, I am! But you're Online Radio! I'm not Online Radio Online Radio at all! In fact, you're Online Radioer than I am because you kissed a girl. That was for money. See, I could never kiss a guy for money, except for Johnny Depp. So all this time we've been friends, you've liked me? No.

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