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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ft Lauderdale Community Radio

Ft Lauderdale Community Radio, Ft Lauderdale Community Radio Live, Ft Lauderdale Community Radio Listen Online, Public Radio, USA

I have to be the boss of my body, and that's a fulltime job. You think it's easy for me to sit next to you at the movies Online Radio while you're grubbing on Red Vines and popcorn and gummi worms? Online Radio, sweetie Online Radio in an effort to support your modeling career Online Radio I'm gonna let you practice your stupid little runway walk Online Radio all the way home. Ft Lauderdale Community Radio Ohh! Excuse me. Don't think I won't! Loser! Uh, okay, everybody. Halftime show is over. Let's get back to the party. Whoo! * Lost Online Radio In a dream Online Radio I don't know which Online Radio Way to go Online Radio You are all that you seem Online Radio Way too slow * Haha! * I've been a fool before Online Radio My love caught in a slammin' door Online Radio How about some information, please * Yes! Now, everybody put your hands together! Right? I wanna give a shoutout to the naked mole rats. Naked mole rats! Who we gonna save? Naked mole rats! Naked mole rats! Kat, you are out of control. We should sing one of the songs with the two people when they do it together. A duet? Oh Online Radio I don't say this often enough, Internet Radio, but you're so smart and prettiful. I love you, Internet Radio! I hope we stay sisters * Forever * I think you should go outside and get some fresh air. * Save the naked mole rats * Hey, weren't you in my car once? You're Internet Radio's sister. You're scary. No, don't say that. Okay. I'm fun, right? You'd tell me if I wasn't fun? Come on. You're, like, the funnest person in the world. I feel fun! I love watermelon! Hey. I hate myself. I'm sure everything with Chastity will be fine. You know she can be a bit dramatic. No. These These had to be at least , calories Online Radio plus all that sodium Online Radio I already feel bloated. So you'll do an extra hour of cardio tomorrow. It's just so hard to be with her sometimes. Or Or maybe it's me. Maybe I'm a really bad boyfriend. Are you kidding me? You're kind and sweet, and you look great in photos. You're like Online Radio the perfect boyfriend. Wow.

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