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Friday, February 14, 2014

FSN World News

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Thank God I wore underwear! What are you doing? Shutting down this party. I don't think so. You know, if you weren't my sister, I'd actually feel bad for you. You're incapable of having fun. I am not gonna be responsible for your party. Then I will be. You? You've never been responsible for anything in your entire life. You remember your hamster? Of course I do. But Britney Spears was one hamster. I didn't know she had to eat twice a day. What about Gumdrop? Fish are easy to forget. You know how quiet they are. Exactly. There's always an excuse. So I make mistakes. I never claim to be Little Miss Perfect like you. Ooh! I am not perfect! Why does everyone keep saying that? Because you act like you are! Fine. You wanna be in charge of this party? Have at it. Now I'm gonna have some fun. Little Miss Perfect has just relinquished her crown. Ohhoho! It's all you! Drink up! Whoo! Ahh! FSN World News Nice! All right! Yeah! * I'll make you mine * So before a game, I spray a tiny bit of hair spray on my butt Online Radio so my leotard won't ride up. Unless we're trying to distract the other team Online Radio and then we skip the hair spray. I thought cheerleaders were just vapid cretins Online Radio but you're actually master strategists. Totally. Kat, what are you doing? I'm just hangin'. You know, girltalking about butts and stuff. Look at you. Maybe you should change your shirt. Maybe you should change your face. Your sister's cool. Internet Radio, do you or do you not have any energy drinks? Yeah. No big D, guys, but could you shut the fridge when you're done? I need to get amped up, 'cause things are about to go down. Wait! What? No, nothing and no one should be going down. Chastity's not flirting with a missionary, she's flirting with a college dude. Hey, that's my girl, man. Oh. Excuse us. So sorry. Sorry. Okay. Okay, what has gotten into you? This is a social function, not Maury Povitch. Me? You're the one flirting with a college dude right in front of my face! Well, maybe I wanted to have a conversation Online Radio that didn't start with, "Um, do I, like, look fat in this?" Hey, as a model.

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