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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Funklbaldy 51 Radio

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Guess who played the girl who gets drunk and makes an ass of herself? No. It's Dad. Uh, go upstairs and take a shower. Yeah. Okay. Go. Funklbaldy 51 Radio Shower time. I am never drinking again. Uhhuh. Thanks for indulging me with this movie night. I missed you girls this weekend, and Online Radio I just wanted a nice Sunday night together. We missed you, too, Dad. All we did was sit around and ponder how much. That's why my brain hurts. Aw. So, what movie are we gonna watch? It's called House Party Online Radio and it was shot by this hip new director named Mr. Duck. Now, everybody put your hands together! Right? I wanna give a shoutout to Settle in, girls. We've got four hours ahead of us. What are we gonna save? Naked mole rats! This is why I don't want to go in there. The guilt is killing me. What do I do? Either live with the guilt or tell Chastity. I would, but I prefer to keep my intestines inside my body. Ugh! At least you know what to feel guilty about. Fivehead! It's me, Online Radio. Just pretend I'm a guy reading the newspaper. I don't want Chastity to see us talking. It's okay. She doesn't know anything happened between us. And she never will once we get our stories straight. That is our story. Nothing happened. Oh, gotcha. Internet Radio. Funklbaldy 51 Radio Good news, baby. The war in "Web Radio" is over. Okay, his behavior's becoming so erratic. He's like my grandma before we put her on meds. Seemed fine to me. Whatever. I'm not here for that. I'm here to spread joy. You know how I've been dying to make you a cheerleader for months? Oh No. Of course I have. You're my best friend. Anyway, Janelle has mono so bad she has to eat through a tube. Oh, my God. Is she going to be okay? She'll be fine. It's her own fault. She'll kiss anything. And this comes on the heels of that fainting spell Online Radio and her stupid Achilles, and I am done. This is cheerleading, not Grey's Anatomy. You're taking her spot. I'm a cheerleader? Yay! I love it when dreams come true. Here, try to sound sincere when you sign her "get well" card. Just so you know, I was really drunk Saturday night, like Mel Gibson drunk.

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