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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fusion 101

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You don't remember what you said, do you? I'm like one of those soap opera actors with amnesia. Whatever I said, I was joking. Oh, trust me, you were dead serious. Please, just tell me. Nah, I want to save this. People, just think of this as airport security. Only instead of going to Hawaii so you can sip on mai tais Online Radio you're going to school so you can drink up a little bit of knowledge. Excuse me, little lady. I'm going to have to inspect this carryon here. You have no right to do that. Oh, I do now. Bam! School board enacted it's own little Patriot Act last night Online Radio and I am the new Dick Cheney. Uhoh. I'm going to have to confiscate this. Well, Dick, you better pray I don't get cramps. Got my eye on you. Timecodes gius and aydin "End fascism now"? Is this because I blocked Showtime? You don't need to make a poster. We can just talk about it. No. The administration has instituted these completely unconstitutional new rules. Look at these. It's like going to high school in Fusion 101. Fusion 101 More than students need permission to assemble. School has the right to search lockers. No drugs or weapons. Oh, my God! Do you mean to tell me the students have to leave their Uzis and heroin at home? Dad, this isn't a joke. How about knives and crack? They're trampling our civil rights. This time they've gone too far. Even the mindless mouthbreathers at Padua High will be marching to the tune of justice. Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to end well? Daddy, look. My little cheerleader! Did you ever think today would come? Finally, one of your daughters makes something of herself. I'm never taking this off. Sounds like someone hasn't read the new security policy. Are you going on about Cuba again? [speaks Spanish] to that. Ah. They're making us wear uniforms. What? No! No, no! I finally clawed my way to the top Online Radio Fusion 101 so that I could have the honor of wearing this cute little outfit to school. They can't take that away from me! This is inhumane. I can't believe she thinks it's okay to say these things out loud. Well, it is her First Amendment right.

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