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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gay Internet Radio Live (GIRL)

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Gay Internet Radio Live (GIRL) Funny. Ugh! I can't believe this is happening to me. These uniforms I know. How are we supposed to express ourselves through fashion? No, Online Radio and I broke up. You did? Why? Guys are such pigs. Did he tell you he was studying for trig when he was really studying Kelly Morris? Do you think he would cheat on this test? No. Uhuh. Never. Not even if it were multiple choice. But why did you guys break up? Well, you know that college boy that was hitting on me at your party? Who could blame him? I know. Well, then, Online Radio turned into this possessive freak. I thought actors were bad, but models are so much worse. Gay Internet Radio Live (GIRL) So I couldn't lose. Oh. When I told him, he started sobbing. I hate it when guys cry. It's like Fine. Be sensitive, but don't, like, slobber all over me. I'm the one that wants to cry. I finally get back into circulation Online Radio and now I have to wear this stupid uniform. Amen. It's unAmerican. Mmhmm. These are our civil rights, people. Yes, you, too. You, too. Throwing another party? Woman, you are an animal! We have to ban together and fight. Who we gonna save? Naked mole rats! Screw the stupid mole rats! This is about our freedom! I don't think half these kids can spell "freedom". Wanna help hand out flyers? Yeah No. But I was thinking after school we could head to the beach. Gay Internet Radio Live (GIRL) At your party, you said you wanted to go. I did? No. Can you please just hand these out in auto shop? I'll put them on the table, but I'm not passing them out. Gee, thanks. That's so supportive. This is your thing, not mine. So you don't give a damn that we no longer have the rights Online Radio that are guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights? Must be nice not to care about anything. Well, what's the point? It's not like we can change it. I'll tell you what. Come to the beach, and I'll tell you what you said. What's the point? It's not like I can change it. Web Radio, we have to talk. I love you, but you don't feel the same way. What more is there to say? Web Radio, wait. I'm so sorry. The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt you.

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