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Monday, February 17, 2014

GCN 2 (Genesis Communication Network)

GCN 2 (Genesis Communication Network), GCN 2 (Genesis Communication Network) Live, GCN 2 (Genesis Communication Network) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

Hope he doesn't do that sobbing thing again. Hey, fivehead, can we talk? Bye. So I heard you and Chastity broke up. Are you okay? I'm more than okay. I'm the maximum okayness there is. In fact, you wanna go out on Saturday? You, me, out, together. Yummy. Dinner. GCN 2 (Genesis Communication Network) I'm buying. Online Radio, I would love to go out with you. But it's too soon. You and Chastity just broke up. We shouldn't even be seen talking together. Hey, she broke up with me. I don't even know if she ever loved me. Not the real me. I was just this gorgeous status accessory, like Paris Hilton's poodle. Girls like Chastity don't like other girls playing with their poodles Online Radio even if they've given their poodles away. And Chastity can be really mean. That's why I'm ready to be with someone really sweet, like you. Take you, for example. No. I can't do this. I just became a cheerleader. Yeah, I mean I just got tired of him. Sure, he's goodlooking and all, but I've got that covered. Chastity, can we talk? Nope. It's first period. I only deal with unpleasant things after third. I'm on a mission of peace. I need your help. I know you do, but I only give one makeover a year Online Radio and I already helped Tori. Mmm! Boy, was that hard. This is important. Doesn't it bother you that we're all being treated like suspected criminals? Hmm. No, not really. Fine. Doesn't it bother you that you have to wear that outfit again? Oh, that bothers me so much. We should do something about it. Can you get me a meeting with your dad? It's pointless. I already asked him, and he said no. I even cried real tears. Then we'll stage a walkout. GCN 2 (Genesis Communication Network) We'll refuse to go back inside until they lift the regulations. It'll work if the whole school does it. And the only person who can get the whole school to do something is you. That's true. But it all sounds really exhausting. Free these kids from their uniforms, and you'll be a legend. I'm thinking fourth period. Great idea. Great idea. Thanks. Everyone, can I have your attention? Shh! Guys, this is a walkout, not recess. Shh! Shh.

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