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Monday, February 17, 2014

GCN 3 (Genesis Communication Network)

GCN 3 (Genesis Communication Network), GCN 3 (Genesis Communication Network) Live, GCN 3 (Genesis Communication Network) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

Guys, come on! Be quiet, please! Shut up and listen to her! We are here today because our Constitutional rights Online Radio do not start the day we graduate from this hellhole. We deserve dignity and respect now. After all, we're not just stupid teenagers. We are citizens of the United States of America. When I say "uniforms", you say "suck"! Uniforms! Suck! Infringement on civil liberties! Huh? What? Suck! Don't confuse them. Uniforms! Suck! * My country, 'tis of thee GCN 3 (Genesis Communication Network) Sing louder, people! Louder! GCN 3 (Genesis Communication Network) Sweet land of liberty Online Radio Of thee I sing Online Radio Land where my fathers died * Fivehead! You're as light as a balloon. What are you doing? I couldn't stay away. I need a kiss to get me through the day. But I thought we agreed we were going to sneak around. No one's gonna see us. They're all singing gospel. Come on, fiveo. Just one smooch Online Radio and I'll never ask you for another favor again. * Let freedom ring Online Radio Let freedom ring Online Radio Let freedom ring Online Radio Let freedom ring Online Radio Let freedom ring Online Radio Let freedom ring Online Radio Let freedom ring Online Radio Let freedom ring * Everyone, shut up! Yeah. Shut up! Chastity, your your father's on the phone. Be strong. Daddy? No, you listen to me. Okay? I'm at school and in this uniform. Everyone looks the same. No, I'm not being a brat. Okay, you wanna go there? GCN 3 (Genesis Communication Network) We'll go there. Ditch these stupid uniforms, or I'll tell Mommy how I found out Online Radio that your executive assistant doesn't wear a bra. Whoo! S I I understand. Yes, sir. I Back to class. No more uniforms. Yeah! Whoa. Whoa. Wait! Our struggle has just begun. Call your dad back. What about our First and Fourth Amendment rights? They can still search our lockers! I don't have time for this crap. I got my own problem. Yeah! Whoo! Hey Chastity, great rally. Listen, I wanna talk to you about Online Radio. I know. I saw him kissing that blonde slut, too! I cannot believe that he would do this to me! Ugh! You saw him kissing someone? Some Online Radio thing.

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