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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

GCN 5 (Genesis Communication Network)

GCN 5 (Genesis Communication Network), GCN 5 (Genesis Communication Network) Live, GCN 5 (Genesis Communication Network) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

After all, none of us wants to get suspended. Wow. I guess everyone has their price. Why is he so mad? He's not mad. He's disappointed. It's going around. Web Radio! Oh, God, I really need your advice. I just had the most awful thing happen with Chastity. You're gonna have to tell your problems to someone else. I can't do this. Do what? Be your friend, especially while you're wearing that perfume. Then I won't wear it. Don't you get it? I need time to get over you. I didn't sell out. I'm just thinking big picture. GCN 5 (Genesis Communication Network) I wanna go to a firstrate college Online Radio so I can get a degree in social policy and change the world. The real world, not high school. You sound like one of them already. What the hell? Nice bag. Verona, hand it over. Keep it. What's going on? Young man, where do you think you're going? You walk out of here, you're suspended. Did you hear what I said? I wish we could spank them. Hard. Search this. Then can I keep it? You said I could keep it. You have no right to go through this. Kat, come back here with that, or you're suspended, too. Then I guess I'm suspended. Fight the power. GCN 5 (Genesis Communication Network) This is yours. You sure about this? No. But I'm doing it. GCN 5 (Genesis Communication Network) "Hold my hair." Excuse me? That's what you said to me at your party right before you hurled. Nice.

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