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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

GCN 6 (Genesis Communication Network)

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Yeah GCN 6 (Genesis Communication Network) This pair of shoes, I'm leaving them here. When two ladies are living by themselves, it's always better to have a pair of men's shoes around. It's been dangerous recently. What's so dangerous? I am strong you know. You kid, don’t pretend. You can't think like that, or something terrible will happen. Just listen to me. Ok. But Online Radio You can't be thinking of not returning to Seoul, right? What? Why wouldn't I want to go back? Yeah. You can't give up halfway. Finish what you started. It's not good to leave things unfinished. Oh yah, do you want to try scriptwriting? Eh? I feel that you have the talent. Try writing. I'll help you. Serious? Really? Then, I can become a writer? You kid. Why so anxious? It depends on how you write then. There's a possibility that you'll become a writer, and it's possible to become a director too. No but my (bag) No but There's no problem? For real? Of course. It's for real. You can do it. Let's try working hard and see. Thank you, thank you. You are still the one with good foresight, director. Thank you. Who is it? Hello. Thank you for calling me first. This Online Radio It's so pretty. GCN 6 (Genesis Communication Network) I couldn’t bear to throw it away but kept it with me instead. That's right. My Internet Radio Online Radio Internet Radio I knitted this. Online Radio. Online Radio. Teacher. Let's find a place to talk. Our Director said I have talent. Online Radio. Aren’t you glad for me, teacher? Our director, though he may seem weird, he's not one who would lie. Once you get to know him, you'll know that he's a kindhearted person. Online Radio. Eh? Promise me. No matter what happens before you, you must stay true to yourself. Understand? I don’t understand what you are talking about. At this moment in your house, your real mom is there. Your biological mom, the one who gave birth to you. You are not your mother's daughter. You're that person's daughter. From now onwards, you have to go back to where you belong. Be mentally prepared. Teacher. Can you repeat again? Internet Radio Internet Radio Internet Radio My Internet Radio Online Radio, Online Radio.

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