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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GCN Alex Jones Show

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At that time, she lost her child because of the coal Gas incident. Hence, Soon Ok became mentally unstable. On the day when the fire broke out in the canteen, she heard a child crying during the fire. So she risked her life to rescue the child. Because she burnt herself then, Soon Ok's back is full of scars even now. Kept looking for the child's parents, but to no avail. So we mistakenly took her as an orphan. Is this right? This is obviously abducting. Principally, that's right. It's that way. But at that time, GCN Alex Jones Show Soon Ok's condition was far worse than now. If teacher was in my shoes, how would you feel now? Could you understand and forgive? Please understand. You came from afar and there's nothing much to serve you. Please help yourself, it's sweet and delicious. Soon ok. It's not the time for this! Thank you. I will eat it. Bok Dong Online Radio They say I’m not mom's daughter. Said I'm not mom's daughter. Because of an accident a while ago, I lost my other child. Now that Internet Radio has been found, it's a proof that God empathizes me. I'm so lucky that she's found. Anyway Online Radio Thank you Online Radio for raising her up. [Wild Boar] "We are unable to connect to the user you have just called. Please leave a message after the tone." Online Radio, did anything happen? Give me a call once when you get my message. It's hot. Who is it? What brings you here? Web Radio, what were you doing just now? It's all burnt. I put it on for a moment and did something else. Why did you use that and just leave it on.. Yah right. This Online Radio I was craving for grilled ones. Someone who never cooks Online Radio GCN Alex Jones Show So what brings you here? You didn't even call before coming. I was just passing by when it suddenly struck me that you should be hungry. So I bought some food here. What did you buy those for? Let me do the cleaning. No, no no. The air here is too suffocating. Let's go out. Let's go. Can't stay anymore. When one is feeling down, it's best to watch a soccer match. "We are unable to connect to the user you have just called.

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