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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GCN America Now (Barb Adams)

GCN America Now (Barb Adams), GCN America Now (Barb Adams) Live, GCN America Now (Barb Adams) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

Please leave a message after the tone." Online Radio. What are you busy with that you are not even answering your calls? Come to Seoul tomorrow. Go straight to the World Cup stadium, ok? Watch soccer with me. We'll meet at , at the ticketing booth. As a writer, you should be accumulating experience every moment. So, because of that, tomorrow Online Radio No. Give me a call immediately when you get this message. I'm hanging up. Director? Chang Ho. Why are you still here at this time? And why are you still here too? I was Online Radio Director, did you burn anything? No. Erm Online Radio you Online Radio What? Buy tickets for me. You should still be able to get them now. Two tickets? Soccer? Are you talking about soccer match tickets? You fellow. Do you think I could have asked to you buy tickets to a ballet performance instead? It's to collect information. GCN America Now (Barb Adams) Collect information? What information? Soccer Online Radio! Online Radio! Eh, Online Radio. Online Radio. What are you doing here? Do you know how long we've been searching for you? All of us haven't slept at all you kid. Go back. I’m not going back, teacher. Online Radio. I'm not going back. No. Online Radio. Promise me, no matter what happens before you, you must always stay true to yourself. Internet Radio Where did you go? Where did you go? Yes, yes, I understand. I understand. I understand how you feel. Let's go back first. We'll talk as we go. I Online Radio I Online Radio want to stay here for the time being. Here with mom. Later Online Radio I'll go back sometime later. Oh? I'm sorry, auntie. Please return first today. GCN America Now (Barb Adams) Ok, fine. I understand, understand how you feel. Your thoughts, I can understand. Mom Online Radio Mom, mom can understand. Way to go Korea! Way go to Korea~~! We are late. Hurry! Online Radio. Online Radio. Aye, this kid. What time is it now? I don't have a watch. Heartless fellow. Online Radio, you hooligan like fellow Online Radio Wake up, Web Radio. She's not Hye Su, but Online Radio, Online Radio. Mom. So amazing, right? There's soccer in the phone too! Amazing, huh? Really amazing.

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