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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GCN America Tonight (Kate Delaney)

GCN America Tonight (Kate Delaney), GCN America Tonight (Kate Delaney) Live, GCN America Tonight (Kate Delaney) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

A lot of amazing things have been happening recently, right? Mom, this can take photos too. Do you want to see? This has photo taking functions. Let's take photos! Hold it like this, come lift your head, come. One, two, three. This can really take photos. Not bad at all, right? Amazing, huh? Sorry. Sorry. For what? Sorry. What's there to be sorry about, mom? Sorry, sorry. Mom, stop it. Stop saying that. Sorry. Mom, I don’t want to hear those words from you. Director. Do you know Online Radio when people die Online Radio they will return to the star where they came from. When they've returned to their own star Online Radio they'll need to write a report about their trip to earth and photocopy copies. I'm going mad. Totally crazy, Internet Radio. GCN America Tonight (Kate Delaney) Main Translator: discreed Spot Translator: moonwon Timers: WroW, CraZyaH QC/Edit: innerouter, ay_link Coordinator: mily [Online Radio's fate that suddenly makes her a millionaire?] The world is unfair. Nothing good ever befalls me. In the future, our friendship Online Radio we'll talk about our future Online Radio [On the other hand, Web Radio's looking for Online Radio] Not anything else, but how is Online Radio? Is Online Radio sick? No, nothing like that Online Radio and I don't know. Don't know. She should be fine. Why are you hiding this from him? What are you doing there? When you arrive, you have to call me, okay? Okay. You've waited too long, you should go soon! The sun sets earlier here. Mom, I'm going to return soon, alright? Please depart now! Online Radio! Be healthy! Yes, teacher, you be healthy too! Alright. Go! Excuse me, would you like a tissue? It's alright. Yes, this is Kim. Yes. We have just left. Yes. Yes. Excuse me. Please stop the car. GCN America Tonight (Kate Delaney) Huh? Quickly! I'm granting a request. I'm fine! I'm fine! Mom! Mom! Mom! Bok Online Radio Bok Online Radio Online Radio! Online Radio! Mom! Online Radio! Mom! Take this. I'm going to call you tomorrow, so keep good care of it! You have to bring it around with you, keep it even when you are going to the bathroom, even when you're eating, keep it with you, and I'll call you!

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