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Thursday, February 20, 2014

GCN Auto World (Bob Long)

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Promise me! Hurry! You have to bring it around, ok? Hey! The driver's waiting! Hurry! Go! Now! Okay. You have to keep it, okay? Promise me! Director! The paperwork you requested earlier. Oh yeah! Did you have fun at the soccer game? Yeah Online Radio You know Online Radio Online Radio I didn't go with Online Radio. Don't bring her name up. Huh? It's nothing. You went with Online Radio?! I told you I didn't! Okay. Oh! Director! Online Radio called to say that she was going to take a break for a couple of days due to some matters. Yeah? Yes. What kind of matters? I don't know. Director. Online Radio's as helpful as a dog. Just fire her! Get out! Out. Is this Online Radio? Wild Boar? Online Radio! Hello? Where are you? This Online Radio is Online Radio GCN Auto World (Bob Long) Online Radio's mother! Oh. I'm so sorry. I thought Online Radio Online Radio Online Radio This is Internet Radio. We met before Online Radio Do you remember? Yes. Hello! It's nothing really but Online Radio oh! Are you feeling better? Oh. That's a relief. It’s nothing really, but do you know where Online Radio Online Radio GCN Auto World (Bob Long) Director! Did Online Radio already come to Seoul? Hold on please. Oh! It's nothing. Don't worry about it. Yes, yes. Please take good care of your health! Yes. Hey, Director! You’re familiar with Online Radio's mother? Yeah. How? Director!! Get out. Hey! Get out. You're not getting out? Get out! You don't have to do that! It's nothing. Please don't get out before I open the door for you from now on. No, it's not like I don't have hands or anything! You'll get used to it. Internet Radio! Hello. Welcome, my daughter. Let's go in. Welcome! Your Gojong cousin. Internet Radio (Gojong cousin=cousin from father's side) Gojong Online Radio cousin? You could have never recognized your own cousin! I thought I was going to faint when I found out about you! How could there be such a situation? Thank you. GCN Auto World (Bob Long) Oh these. They're vegetables. Vegetable and Chwi Namul and wormwood! I went to the mountain and picked them with my mom! And this is a squash! Isn’t it really big? I picked this last year and last year's squash sales were really good.

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