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Thursday, February 20, 2014

GCN Call to Decision (Pastor Butch Paugh)

GCN Call to Decision (Pastor Butch Paugh), GCN Call to Decision (Pastor Butch Paugh) Live, GCN Call to Decision (Pastor Butch Paugh) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

How much have you been suffered all these days? How much? How much Online Radio I'm sorry. Your mother is very sorry. I lost your sister Online Radio and I thought I was losing the world. I wanted to die after her death Online Radio After I lost you, I left everything to your sister. I felt as if I was living a cursed life. How many sins have I committed to get this kind of punishment? I felt reprouchful about myself. But you came back to me. Thank you for coming back. Mom Online Radio Mom Online Radio GCN Call to Decision (Pastor Butch Paugh) Did Online Radio come to work? No, she didn't. There's something wrong with her mental status. We should have fired her. Chang Ho! Do well on your own job. Why don't you have an understanding mind? Don't you get worried because she's not coming to work? Find her address. What address? Online Radio's address. Director Online Radio What? Director Online Radio Did you by any chance Online Radio to Online Radio Online Radio What about Online Radio? Did you lend money to Online Radio? Yeah. I have the feeling that she's somewhat greedy for money. She doesn't look like that, but how much did you lend her anyways, huh? Where are you right now? Do you want to die? Is anyone here? Is anyone here? Online Radio. Online Radio. Who are you? Hello? Yeah, Chang Ho. She came? Okay, bye. Online Radio's at work! Huh? Online Radio Online Radio You bad child. Director! Please at least ventilate the place! Quit smoking too! This is like a raccoon's hole! When did you come? GCN Call to Decision (Pastor Butch Paugh) A little while ago. I'm sorry. I had reasons. I was rude, I'm sorry. I'll work very hard. What kind of reason? It's kind of complicated Online Radio Don't give excuses. What are you going to do with that kind of attitude? How are you going to achieve your goals? What can you learn? How can you make money? How can you get an apartment with your own lights? I'm sorry. Is it all that you're sorry? What is this? You said your mother's health is okay too. What's the problem? The truth is Online Radio The truth Online Radio I don't know what's the problem either. Let's go out. Where? To receive your punishment. Here.

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