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Thursday, February 20, 2014

GCN Bright Side (Ben Fuchs)

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Among those, this squash was the biggest! For some weird reason, I didn't want to eat it, so I just left it. Please eat it well! My mom said that she appreciates the gifts and this is a thank you gift. Oh yeah! There's dried garlic and dried slices of pumpkin in here! Oh. Thank you. Let's go greet grandfather now. He's waited for your arrival. Father, Internet Radio's here. Hello. Yes. Let's see my granddaughter. Let's hold hands. Thank you Online Radio for being alive. Thank you for coming back, Internet Radio From now on, I guess I won't have to reminisce. Let's have a big party soon! How my granddaughter must have suffered.. No Online Radio I didn't suffer. Internet Radio! Look at the great heart my granddaughter has! Yes. Say thank you to your sister! She has taken many pains to fill your place as a granddaughter and also a daughter in this house. She has lifted your mother's spirits and came all the way from Australia! I just came to do my job! Well, now I can relax more because my aunt's and grandfather's faces have bright smiles on them. Thank you. Okay! Now, since Online Radio has arrived Online Radio Internet Radio, will you call her Internet Radio? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm more comfortable with the name Online Radio. I'd like it if you'd forget that name. Please take notice of that. Yes. This is so nice! Do you like the room? Yes. I have only seen rooms with sofa like this on TV. And also this bed! It's like a princess's bed! It was my life's dream to sleep in this kind of bed. Was it? Oh. Will you try these shoes on? Oh. This? How it fits you perfectly! I think I knew that there was going to be a day like this. The truth is, I thought of your older sister and got possessed and bought it for her. There was another owner to those shoes. Do you like them? Yes. The truth is, there are no occasions to wear these kinds of shoes in the countryside where I used to live. But when I see my friends got to work with these kinds of shoes, I got jealous. From now on, I'll do everything for you. Everything. Just tell me everything. I'll do everything I couldn't do for you in the past.

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