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Friday, February 21, 2014

GCN Crash! Are You Ready? (George Whitehurst Berry)

GCN Crash! Are You Ready? (George Whitehurst Berry), GCN Crash! Are You Ready? (George Whitehurst Berry) Live, Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

This is your homework. Read it thoroughly. Read it and write a book review on it. I'm going to test you every Monday. Anyone can be a director or a writer. It doesn't matter the amount of education you received. If there is one thing that is important, it's the interest of humans. And enthusiasm. Enthusiasm? Going around and observing enthusiastically. Oh. I have confidence in that part! Going around. Really? Good, then let's go. Where? Going around. There's something I've been curious about since before, but your shoes. What kind of concept are these shoes? Where did you get these tacky shoes? These are brand name shoes! Of course they're not in my taste, but they're in my big sister's taste. Big sister? Yes, big sister. You had an older sister? That's what they say. The truth is, I don't really understand it myself. What do you mean? I Online Radio Yeah? I've Online Radio become the main character in a drama. What? I've become the main character in a drama. You kid! What kind of scammer would cast someone like you? No, not that Online Radio I Online Radio You? Talk!! Really Online Radio HEY YOU HORRIBLE MAN! YOU SCAMMER! YOU HORRIBLE MAN! Look. I'm telling you to observe those kind of things. That is a real life scene. When you're shooting, you have to shoot it exactly as you observed that scene. Follow me. You scammer! Don't hit me! You scammer! You! I finally found you. You! See? Look how fresh that is! Listen to the lines. Isn't it so real? You horrible man! Really! Why are you doing this in front of so many people?! Why are you doing this! Really! Compose your self! Calm down!! You scammer! You swindler! Father! Don't get so agitated! You like calm? Web Radio! Who are you? Huh? Oh! You're another one! What seems to be the problem? Move. You don't have to know. What's the matter? Who are you? Who are you? I'm his son. That bastard told me that he would make me an actress. After he said that he said we had to date, and then later he said we should marry! That kind of person should go to jail. Hey! You! What are you going to do if you're a director, you're garbage.

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