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Friday, February 21, 2014

GCN Culture Shocks (Barry Lynn)

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Look here! Watch your mouth! Don't desecrate love like that. Love? LOVE?! Look here, you bastard. Go to find your wife and love each other. I'm very sorry. I'll apologize for him. I'm very sorry. Who are you to apologize? GCN Culture Shocks (Barry Lynn) Huh? Move, you're not going to move? What are you sorry about? Huh? Why are you sorry? Stop please! What is this girl? Go home, Online Radio. Go home first. I'm sorry. Online Radio! The world is so unfair. Some people buy lottery everyday and can't even earn ten dollars. I hear that your grandfather's very rich? He owns many buildings in Gang Nam, and owns many businesses! I'm glad you came. I was going to call you anyways. Since you came, let's talk about our future and our friendship. What future? Hey! What are friends for? Who are you guys? GCN Culture Shocks (Barry Lynn) You're Internet Radio, right? Yes. You were here. Yes, boss, we found her. Yes, she's here. Yes. Thank you. Do you know how much your mom looked for you? If you're going to go somewhere, you should say that you're going. I told ajumma that I was leaving for work. What do you mean work? Quit tomorrow. You little rascal. This isn't the same mountain village that you used to live in! You're a person of this house now. Your grandfather and your mother really have to take care of you now? For what reason are you going to work? Well Online Radio you see Online Radio Mr. Lee, please go out and create a cell phone. Yes. Grandfather! Internet Radio's here! He's the one who found you. Even when you're forever thankful to him, it's still not enough. It's nothing. Congratulations for returning home, Internet Radio The whiting soup is very refreshing. I feel as if my heart is loosening up. Right, big sister? Yeah. Ahjumma! We have soup, why did you make pot stew? Sit with us and eat! No. It's okay. There's no seat here Online Radio Internet Radio, ahjumma will eat later. Oh okay. But, GCN Culture Shocks (Barry Lynn) Do you have any red pepper powder? This is really refreshing, but the taste is kind of bland. It's because I love spicy taste. Ahjumma, please bring it. Yes. Internet Radio, now take the responsibility and transform our Internet Radio into a lady.

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