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Saturday, February 22, 2014

GCN Derry Brownfield Show

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It's better not to go home today. Yah, my very first date with your mom was to go to the zoo to see dolphins. When we came back, she became pregnant. How come you are also visiting the aquariums in your date? You've really inherited my genes. It wasn't a date. It seemed like a date to me. You can't lie to your parents. It was not a date. I was just teaching her how to work. That was a date. Thinking back, the best times were when we were watching the dolphins' performance. Regardless of whether it was work related or as a person, I was a useful talent then. Oh right! The person that time, what is she doing now? Who? That time, when I was to settle matters on my residency, the one who was staying with you Online Radio The one who was doing music Online Radio When I saw her just now, why is it that I keep thinking about the other lady? Is that one prettier? Why did you break up with her? Ah, you were dumped? I'm a little tired. I'll sleep first. Ah so, this is Auntie? She's really beautiful. You all look alike. Yes. My mom may be making a trip here soon. When she heard of the news, she couldn't wait to see you. When did you go to Australia? When I was two. GCN Derry Brownfield Show My whole family was there. That's why Hye Su did her graduate studies there. Hye Su, Hye Su? Your sister. Oh. Here is she. Your sister, Hye Su You two really look alike, just like twins. Yah. But, your characters are not too similar. Hye Su, she's very intelligent. Is that so? Isn't this Online Radio Director? He was once your sister's lover. Hye Su died because she was in Web Radio's car when an accident happened. They were so fervently in love. But your mom had an extreme dislike for Web Radio. She violently objected, but they did all they could to meet each other. And meet, until Hye Su died. Auntie thinks that it's Web Radio who killed Hye Su. She wanted to think that way, I guess. You really resemble. You really look like someone I used to know. No!! Ah, wait a minute, Ajuhssi. Where did you go? Do you know how much Online Radio I miss you? How much I miss you? So I say, never ever mention Web Radio in front of your mom.

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