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Saturday, February 22, 2014

GCN Divided Kingdom (Elizabeth Border & Lou Blanchard)

GCN Divided Kingdom (Elizabeth Border & Lou Blanchard), GCN Divided Kingdom (Elizabeth Border & Lou Blanchard) Live, Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

Understand? Sister. Sister. Where are you going? Company. I'll be back after tidying up my stuff. I'll be right back. In the future, don't wear these. Looks weird. Wait for a while, I'll go get changed. I'll go with you. Huh? Why are you so scared? Today, someone in the company said they are holding a farewell party for me, so Online Radio Do you have to go? Yes. They said I must attend, must. I can't be late. Ok then. You can't come home late, ok? Online Radio? Are you ok? Yah, I'm fine. You don't seem like yourself. Why so serious? I've always been like that. It's useless to talk less. Be prepared to run errands. Where? Director forgot this again. Deliver it to him. Yes, actually I didn't make any extraordinary piece of work. I was just thinking of the passion and love of the Korean audience. That paved the way for today's success. In view of such phenomenon, I'm extremely encouraged. When the entire media world focuses on packaging the artistes, our cultural accomplishments have achieved tremendous results. I believe this is representative of a nation's triumph. The day when we represent the world is coming soon. Whenever I think of that, I will feel an upsurge of emotions. It's now time for Internet Radio Director to speak. I have different views. I feel that being unconditionally conceited is an incorrect mentality. If we now think our film industry is superior, that is an arrogant and complacent notion. This arrogance and complacency will eventually lead to the industry being stagnant. Thus, this situation has led me to think that it is already time to reflect. Seems like everyone now has been blinded such that can't see their true selves. What would a piece of work produced in these times be like? Will it be excellent or have good results? We have to calm down and think carefully. Are you provoking me? I don't mean it that way, but Online Radio If that's the case, Web Radio Director had better be more concerned about your own problems. I heard that you've been living abroad since young? I've seen Web Radio Director's work.

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