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Saturday, February 22, 2014

GCN Doc Love Show

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There's this feeling that something is lacking, a lack of understanding about life. But it's still worth being accepted. How do I put it? From his works, I can still see traces of his dad's influence, but there's no undue reviews, right? Is it because of the unknown nationality? What do you have to say about this? I feel that the review's excessive. But what I saw was yours. When's your next film coming out? It's in the midst of conceptualizing now. Seems that your next film is very doubtful. Heard that it's because of problems with women? Is that your dad's influence too? There was indeed some influence with regards to women. Lee Director is concentrating on developing his filiming career, so it's possible that you don't understand. Your face has slimmed down alot. Better to spend more time taking care of your health. I will also be anticipating the next film by Director GCN Doc Love Show. Next will be on Professor Lee Jae Won's theme for his works. Everyone, please look at the materials placed in front of you. GCN Doc Love Show Ah, I'm thinking of filming a film that is according to my own views and conceptions. What kind of film will that be? From my angle, I guess it would be Online Radio Yah, Bok Dong. Why are you living like that? Who are you? Ahh, seems like you are not. Sorry. So in this film, I'm thinking of Online Radio using the best Online Radio Yah Online Radio You look pretty obedient. What about the best? Not bringing it out? I say Miss! Online Radio. Senior. He says he's not Bok Dong. Oh sorry. You really look very much like the goal in our village. What, goal?? Let's run. Yah. Yah. If it happens again, I'm going to head butt him. Director, aren't you angry in that situation? Online Radio. Yes? You fellow did very well! Where are we going? Anywhere. This looks like an old lane. This is the place where I lived when I was young. Is it? Turn right ahead and you'll be at my elementary school. You wanna take a look? Ok. Director, when you were young, did you run and jump about at this field? Of course. I'm a basketball player because I've always been tall.

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