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Sunday, February 23, 2014

GCN Easy Organic Gardener (Sherry Fry)

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Then, how come you didn't become a professional player? I wanted to, but it didn't pull through because of my immigration to Australia. When I reached there, I realized I was not really that tall. Is Australia a nice place? Yeah. How can it not be?! My mom brought me there after she remarried. So you have to take cues from them. Ah, that person Online Radio It's ok. What about it? Ah, I don't mean it that way. I was thinking maybe that senior wasn't wrong in saying that about my problems. Not that. I Online Radio It's me. Ah Online Radio I Online Radio am not Online Radio. What do you mean? I'm not Online Radio, I am Online Radio You are going to say that you are from other planet, right? You fellow. Don't say such meaningless stuff. GCN Easy Organic Gardener (Sherry Fry) Because without having you to crack jokes everyday, mom will feel very bored. Looks like you are very blessed already because you have only one mother. I think I probably have a dozen mothers by now. I want to go back to the time when I was Online Radio's age. Look at me, I'm saying everything. What happened? Let me see it. No, it's because this is a new pair of shoes. You fellow. Look, it's bleeding already. Why didn't you say anything? Wait a minute. Huh? I'm asking you to wait. Come sit properly. I'm ok. Ah this Online Radio Done. Aren't you wearing your shoe? Aren't you putting it on for me? Yah. Huh? I Online Radio Forget it. Yeah, forget it. The shoes don’t suit you. Not that. And why are there girls with feet that resemble bear's paws? It's because I had it hard. No matter how hard it is, no girls would have feet like yours. Cut your toenails. Director. Ok, I know. Just kidding. What? I am not going to the film company anymore. About learning directing, I'm not doing it anymore. Are you talking about going back? That Online Radio It's like this. Did your mom's condition worsen? No. It's not that. Then? Just don't feel like doing it. I'm really sorry, I Online Radio don't seem to have the perseverance. Just not doing it anymore. Are you a fellow who can only do this? Are you such a terrible fellow? I'm really thankful for all this while. Brought to you by: WITH S Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad How? Our Online Radio is missing. What are you doing here? GCN Easy Organic Gardener (Sherry Fry) Quickly track the hand phone signals! What? What are you going to Seoul for? I want to see our Online Radio. I have to see Online Radio.

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