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Sunday, February 23, 2014

GCN Erskine Overnight

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It's getting late. I'm leaving first. Online Radio. Cinderellas have to go home earlier. They all say it's like this. Director. I thought of giving you this present after I left. You have been taking care of me all this while. It doesn't seem right if I just leave like this. No matter what, I'm really grateful to you. So I bought this. This Wasn't there a tower back in my village? The entire place is covered with this flower. But in Seoul, all these are potted and put for sale. This fellow's like a robber, taking , won from me for this. But then, you just treat this flower as me. Take good care of it. Take it. Ah, Director. This is true. Besides my mom and teacher, in this world, to tell me that I have the talent, that I do well, that I'm smart, there's only you, director. So, thank you. Director, you are Online Radio really an extraordinary person for being able to understand the person I am. So you have to film good movies to deflate that fellow ah that person's arrogance. Online Radio. You fellow. Online Radio. GCN Erskine Overnight Online Radio. Haven't you taken your dinner? Oh, I have eaten too. Online Radio. Today, they installed the stove in our house. Your mom sent someone over to install the stove. Really? That's good, really good. Me? I'm living well. Online Radio has good prospects. Mom. Why do I keep crying today? No. Nothing's wrong. Just that I keep tearing. No. Nothing happened. Just that Online Radio Just Online Radio today's exceptionally.. weird. Oh mom, good night. Good night, I'm hanging up. My mom said thank you. For a long period of time, because we didn't repair the stove, we had to cook by burning wood. From next year's winter onwards, there's no need to worry anymore. Internet Radio Yes? Why aren't you in your pyjamas? In the wardrobe, there's newly bought pyjamas for you. Ah, for me, this is my pyjamas. This is much more comfy. Is it? Yes. My mom and I won't be able to sleep if we are not wearing these clothes. If you don't wear this, you won't know how comfy it is. GCN Erskine Overnight Do you want to try it? You will only know how good this is after you've experienced it by yourself. If you like it, I'll buy you a few sets when I go back there. I'll buy Internet Radio sister's share too. Ah, if you don't like this color, there's also rainbow colored ones. If you don't like this design, there's also other designs. [Director.] [Thank you for taking care of me all this while.] [Here's wishing you good health.] [Online Radio, you wanna die, don't you?] [Online Radio, did I do anything wrong?] [Feel free to take up a loan, no guarantee loans.] (Advertising SMS) Am I getting mad? I think you are really mad.

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