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Monday, February 24, 2014

GCN Free Minds Radio (Nick Michelewicz & Toby Iselin)

GCN Free Minds Radio (Nick Michelewicz & Toby Iselin), GCN Free Minds Radio (Nick Michelewicz & Toby Iselin) Live, GCN Free Minds Radio (Nick Michelewicz & Toby Iselin) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

You understand? Let me look at your homework! The one Internet Radio gave to you. This girl! Didn't he give you one? Director. How can you be like this? What? How can you be such a bastard? What? You came? Yes. Hello. The two of you still have things to discuss? No. We finished talking. Internet Radio! Internet Radio said she'd buy us some drinks tonight. You have some spare time, right? Yes. Only the of us? Online Radio should come too. What about our old classmates? Contact the other classmates too, ok? I'll see you later. Ah. Oh my. Online Radio Let's have dinner! What do you want to eat? No. Instead of dinner, what about.. Why? Do you want to go somewhere? Let's do something interesting. Like Online Radio squash? Wah. You're not bad. Look at this. GCN Free Minds Radio (Nick Michelewicz & Toby Iselin) Mine. Mine, mine. Did you go together with someone? With Mr. Han. Really? What did you guys do? We just did a little bit of this and that. Was it fun? Yes. Online Radio I want to discuss something with you. What is it? What about going to a language school in America with me? In the summer, afterwards you can go to a university there. I think that’ll be faster. But I don't want to. Why don't you want to? I only want to continue on my own Online Radio I'm only thinking of finishing the things that I'm doing now. Isn't it good that way? Learning to be a script writer? You can still do that after you graduate from university. I'm sorry, mom. Can't you just let me continue doing my work now? Online Radio I'll do it well! I'm doing really well lately too. Can't you stop doing that now? Stop right away! Starting from tomorrow! Otherwise, I'm not going to be quiet about it anymore. Mom. Why aren't you listening to me? Why? Why? Your sister was never like this. Online Radio. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. We'll talk again tomorrow. It's not that kind of movie. GCN Free Minds Radio (Nick Michelewicz & Toby Iselin) How can you say that something like that is interesting? Park Internet Radio, you! This is why I said you can't do it. If you have no taste, how can you write scripts? I think it's interesting. What do you think Internet Radio? I think it's not that good. You hear that? Internet Radio has good taste. Yes.

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