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Monday, February 24, 2014

GCN Free Talk Live (Mark and Ian)

GCN Free Talk Live (Mark and Ian), GCN Free Talk Live (Mark and Ian) Live, GCN Free Talk Live (Mark and Ian) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

You are great! But I think it's just too interesting. I don't care what others say, as long as I think it's interesting. Isn't it ok? What's so interesting? Interesting. It's interesting, that's why I said it's interesting. Are you jealous of that, Director? You. Park Internet Radio! Don't live like that! I hate it. You are really exaggerating today. What do you mean don't live like that? It's you who shouldn't live like that! Where are you going? I'm not in a good mood. That guy is really annoying, so I'm leaving. Internet Radio. Just write your script. You childish guy. You all eat well, live well! If I wasn't Online Radio's sister, would you like me then? You girl! I Online Radio everyday Online Radio Am I only refered to as this girl, that girl or a younger sister? Am I wrong now? Am I making a mistake now? Am I really thinking too much? Right? Yah! What are you doing here? You Online Radio are you waiting for me? Now? I want to ask you something. Ah this Online Radio It's raining and I'm not even fully sober. What do you want to ask? What is it? You really don't like me? You've never really liked me? You've never really had the slightest feeling towards me? No. Director, then I want to ask you one other thing. Actually you like me, right? It's not because I look like Online Radio, but because you really like Online Radio, right? Are you a fool? This girl, asking the same question over and over. That's not the same question! Of course it's the same! You're a girl who wants to become a script writer. This girl. Just like a fool. Then, it's my sister? It's my sister? My sister Online Radio Didn't she pass away early? But I Online Radio if you really like me, then I have confidence that I can live years. Why? Not because I'm Online Radio's sister, but because I'm Online Radio. I really like you, Director! Director. I like you when you are really angry. "Hey girl, you want to die?" I also like you when you shout loudly at me like that. I like you when you smile too. "Online Radio" "Online Radio" Whenever you call me like that, I feel like I'm going crazy. Do you know that? Yah! Just go! I'll go, I'll go, but Online Radio today I really want to hear it before I go. No! I said no! I said no, why do you keep pestering me like that? Really, it's tiring me. What's wrong with you? Go back home! Everyone at home should be worrying about you now. No. Wait! Auntie!

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