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Monday, February 24, 2014

GCN Good Day (Doug Stephan)

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Online Radio's not awake yet? Auntie. Quick, come and see Online Radio What's wrong? She has a high fever and wouldn't wake up no matter how much I call her. What? Mom, Mom. Mom is here, Online Radio. Mom, when Online Radio when are you going to take me away from GCN Good Day (Doug Stephan)? Online Radio's mom! Online Radio This child! Do you know how scared we were because of you? What did the doctor say? They don't know yet. We still need to wait for the checkup results to come out. Her condition has been like this for hours. Her temperature even reached degrees. Now, she can be forcefully awaken. Yah. Internet Radio! Should we cross out this line? Okay. I was also thinking about that problem. Come in! Ah, you came! Yesterday I had too much alcohol Online Radio Are you guys still working on it? Internet Radio. It looks like you didn't sleep well. You look pale. How can I get any sleep with all the commotion? There's a worrying and pitiful little puppy at home. You guys keep a puppy as a pet too? No. I'm talking about Online Radio. She fell sick and is now in the hospital. Auntie and I had to stay there the whole night. Hospital? What's wrong with her? I don't know. I don't know where she came back from, soaked in the rain. She had a fever and lost her consciousness. That sounds really serious. Where's the hospital? I want to visit her. Heh. You really do care about your student. GCN Good Day (Doug Stephan) Are you coming along too, Internet Radio? Yah. Do you have to take her to the hospital because she caught some flu? Your family is really weird. Where's the hospital? Didn't you water it? It's dead. I knew it from the moment you brought it home. Not everyone can take care of a pot of flower. If you want the flower to bloom, do you know how much work and dedication it takes? Under your care, it's bound to turn out like that. I think it's already counted as long life. Just let me rest! Just leave now, dad. I read a little bit of your movie script. I wanted to give you some good advice. Your attitude is really disappointing. I don't need any advice. Why don't you need any advice? I'm a good and famous Director.

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