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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

GCN Herb Talk (Wendy Wilson)

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How can you talk like that to your senior? I can take care of my work by myself. I don't need your advice. It might spoil my movie. This boy. Your temper is really like your mother. The more angry you are, the more charismatic you become. Because of you, my life has been messed up. What? My life is terrible because of you. Did you know that? Really Online Radio Dad Online Radio Dad Online Radio Dad what? Because I have your genes, I’m living like this! You.. Something happened to you? No. Don't pretend like you care! GCN Herb Talk (Wendy Wilson) Just go, please! Internet Radio. Please go! And don't ever come back again. Okay. I'm going. I'm going, so don't shout anymore! Why are you still here? Internet Radio Online Radio Why aren't you gone yet? You. Did you get dumped? Looking at you like this, I think you really love her. No. How can it be no? I wonder how great the girl is that she can dump you like this. Looks like I have to visit her some time. Please just go! Dad. I beg you, just go. And don't ever come back. How's it? Are you okay? I'm okay. You don't have to get up. Just lie down. I'm sorry. I made you so worried. Is there anything you want to eat? I'll make you anything you want. I want soybean soup. Ah… Soybean soup? Are you asking me how to make that? Why? Our Online Radio? Didn't you say I should put in the beans first? It's not like that? Then the order is? Yes. We are already in Seoul. I came because I had something to do. And Online Radio mother came along too. Yes, yes. What about Online Radio? GCN Herb Talk (Wendy Wilson) Is she alright? Can we come to visit for a while? Online Radio Mom. Online Radio! Online Radio! My child, Online Radio! Mom, when did you come? How did you come? Ah, I came with the teacher. I came together with teacher. This girl, Do you know how worried your mom and I were? I'm okay. I'm okay now. This. I brought soybean soup. Eat this and get well soon. Ah. Did you bring this all the way from home? How? It's all cold now. It's okay, mom. This is more delicious when it's cold. But your room is so nice. It's like a princess' room. Really? Even though I know it might be a little inconvenient Online Radio really, we were just too worried.

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