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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

GCN Home Talk (Michael King)

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She was originally very weak, so we were afraid she might get some sort of serious sickness. So we came together. Since you are here already, please stay at our house for a few days. Look around Seoul before going back! No. I need to go back straight away. GCN Home Talk (Michael King) I still have to teach my students. Then it's really hard on you. Then, just let Online Radio's mother Online Radio What mother? Dad? Then, what else should I call her? You, come with me to the police station now. Bad people like you should get jailed straight away. Is this your first time acting? No. I did it once at the BEST company too. Although I was just a supporting actress, I did my fair share. The title was " When I fall in love with you." That piece was really successful. I've never seen those kind of things, so I don't know. Then this time, please act out scene . Se Yun, are you doing this because of Eun Jong? Because of that girl, Eun Jong? Then, it's my sister? It's my sister? Director! Director! I finished reading it. Ah, very good. For a newcomer you are really good. Thank you. Then we'll contact you again later. Yes. Thank you. You've worked hard. You've worked hard. You've worked hard. Bye. Director, according to me, this newcomer is not bad at all. Very mesmerizing, mesmerizing. You want to die? I can act better than her! Internet Radio! You came? I heard you were doing some auditions? I did it! Is that the screenplay? What are you rushing for? This. Hey, it looks like Online Radio is real sick! Her voice over the phone seemed so weak. GCN Home Talk (Michael King) Ah, and I heard even the mother who raised her up came to visit her. Really? Why don't you give her a call? You're exaggerating. She's a real strong girl. Let's go in. Are you feeling better? Yes. I've fully recovered. If she wakes up, tell her to come down to eat. You come down too. Yes. Eat comfortably at your own pace. Yes. I.. want to bring Online Radio overseas to study in the near future. We're not planning to stay there for long, so please don't be upset. We'll come back frequently and she'll also visit you. I won't go. Seems like Online Radio is disgruntled with it because of you.

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