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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

GCN Jason Lewis Show

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For the sake of Online Radio's future, if you can help me, I would be extremely greatful. Yes. Grandpa. I don't want to go. I won't go. Mom did you see that? That.. That's Nam Dae Mun Amazing right? I see it. Nam Dae Mun's in the opposite direction. Is it? When did it move to the other side? Then what is that? I'm feeling a little giddy. Giddy? How can you get giddy just by looking? Take a seat. Mom. Let's quickly finish this drink. We'll go to the department stores to buy clothes. Buy clothes, shoes and bags. GCN Jason Lewis Show Erm.. Is Director alright? Who? Ahhh.. he should be quite alright? But why isn't Director married? Married? That guy? That weird guy? Why? I think Director's very good. Good? How on earth is he good? He's kind. Mom.. If that guy's kind, Mom, Bok Dong's kind too. The goats are kind too, the wild boars are kind too. Even coffee's kind too. Why are you so angry? I just.. suddenly thought of Director so Online Radio Mom. Isn't there anything you want to eat? I'll get anything for you. Anything. Online Radio What? You Online Radio Follow your Mom to the States. You can go to the States. I'm fine with it. Mom. You can come back after you've finished your studies. You can give me a call then Online Radio I Online Radio can also go to the States to have fun. Isn't everything fine? I don't want to go. I've already said I don't want to go. Online Radio Where are you? At the terminal? So you are there to see your Mom off? So you can't come in today? It's ok, it's ok. So how's your health now? That's good. Take care your health. Ok. Bus terminal. Yah Internet Radio. Internet Radio . Where is Internet Radio going? Exactly.. Why don't you just marry me Internet Radio? I'm really not such a bad person. Although being a little penniless is a shortcoming, that aside, I should be better than you in all other areas right? You can't find a husband like me anywhere else.. You can just forget about it. Do you like Internet Radio that much? Ah, I'm going mad. Why are daughters from that family all like that? All the women in the family's attracted to Internet Radio.

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