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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

GCN Jesse Lee Peterson Show

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Is that some kind of mutated genes? What do you mean? What else can this mean? Are you asking because you don't know? You can't be referring to Online Radio? Internet Radio has been in a lot of agony these days. He's been quite pitiful recently. So Online Radio Internet Radio. Don't be like that too. What? How is he pitiful? Why are you so unobservant? I could tell right from the start. Senior, what exactly do you mean? How come I don't understand anything? Why is Internet Radio in agony? No, forget it. Just treat it as nothing. Anyway, you'll feel better if you don't know. Why are you here? What about Director? I'm here to meet the sponsors for the filming sites. Ah.. You? I'm here to send Mom off. Mom was here? Yeah. Oh.. Let's have a cup of tea. I'm very busy. GCN Jesse Lee Peterson Show I have to go back now. Already? You can still have a cup of tea. No, I need to leave. Let's just have a drink. What's so urgent? It's not easy to meet so coincidentally. I have to go Director. Have you fully recovered? I heard from Sang Woo that you are still a bit sick. I'm fine. Yeah, you should take care of your health. Yeah. Is your work going smoothly? Oh, me? Of course everything's fine. You're working hard at learning scriptwriting right? Yeah. Of course. You shouldn't be so lazy. You must be conscientious in learning. Don't always think about having fun. Anyway, that's your problem. Laziness. So I say.. learn seriously. Only then can you become an outstanding writer. Yes, I know. That Online Radio Erm.. I don't have time left. I need to leave. Do you? Sorry, I gotta go. That's fine. Bye. Is Online Radio back? Grandpa If your Mom keeps going on like this, she'll have to be admitted into hospital. Where is she feeling unwell? It's not that she's unwell.. GCN Jesse Lee Peterson Show She's scared that you'll leave with your other Mom. Her face's turned yellow with fear. Go take a look. Mom Online Radio Online Radio You've gone too far. You've been too harsh on me. You're too much. Mom I'll do whatever you want me to. I'll become the daughter you want me to be. I'll work hard. Online Radio Thank you. Thank you my daughter. Don't cry anymore.

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