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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

GCN Jim Brown's Common Sense

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Let's talk. Why? Sit down. You like Internet Radio right? Tell me the truth. Yes. Are you mentally unstable? What? Is that right? Then is what unnie is doing right? I'm different. I'm not the same as you. Our stand and circumstances are different. How long have we known each other, do you know? Ok. Even if we don't mention your unnie's problem, there should be a limit to your wild wishes. GCN Jim Brown's Common Sense How dare you claim ties with Internet Radio? No. No, I've never seen unnie this way. Unnie, you are really childish. What? No Online Radio So Unnie are you thinking of starting a fight with me now? I'm already suffering enough now. I'm also making a very important decision on my life now. Now, I'm trying very hard to put up with it. So don't provoke me. You'll get hurt. What? What decision? I.. will go to the States. Is that fine? Are you joking? I.. although I like Director but it wasn't successful. So I've decided to stop this one sided affair. So unnie had better give up at the appropriate time too. Director's stubbornness is not just average. I'm saying this for your own good. Now can you leave so that I can put this on? Can you leave for a while? Are you really going? Take a look at Scene . There's a problem here with the characters' personality. Isn't this woman overly narcissistic? Yah. Where on earth can you find a woman that is not narcissistic? That's why I say you don't understand humanity. Chap, that's not what I meant. You see Online Radio Here. Let's take a break. I've a lot to say to you. What? Internet Radio I Online Radio as a friend hope that you'll find happiness. What do you mean? The reason being, only when you find your happiness, will I be able to find my happiness. When you lose your temper and suffer, I'll be affected too. I'm already sick of this. GCN Jim Brown's Common Sense No matter what, I'll always support you. So.. you should now be true to your feelings. What? Don't act confused. It's ok. You've already fulfilled your obligations to Online Radio. Online Radio will also wish that you can find your own happiness. The Online Radio I knew is that type of woman. Chap, don't say those things. And don't ever say this kind of thing again.

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