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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

GCN Joe Mazza Show

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I Online Radio have always been true to my own feelings. Don't malign me chap. As a writer, you seem to have overused your imagination. I haven't. I haven't. Fine. I've lost. I've lost. And your wish Online Radio Live according to your own wishes. Have you been to the World Cup Stadium? No. You are such a bumpkin. It's the World Cup again in the twinkling of an eye. Have you been to Togo? Thank you. You're welcome You've become prettier. Thank you. But I've always been pretty. When are you leaving? It's supposedly this weekend. Let's go together. Isn't it very scary just thinking about going abroad? Don't worry. I'll help you. I'll be making business trips there once or twice a month. If there's any problems, you can discuss it with me. Just as if I'm your oppa. GCN Joe Mazza Show Thank you. About the problem with the person you like, how did it go? Can I ask? That? I've sorted it out. It's a one sided thing anyway. Why are you here? To see Sang Woo? I'm here to say hello. Say hello? What hello? I want to thank you Director for all your time. I don't want to continue learning. I don't have much talent anyway, and I'm not honest and not obedient, but you've been really nice to someone like me all this time. It's not totally like that. Where are you going if you are not learning? Planning department? How could I possibly go to the planning department? Then, GCN Joe Mazza Show slack at home? Nope. Then? I'm going to the States. The States? What are you going to the States for? Director are you looking down on me? Can't I go to the States? No, it's not like that. I'm going to the States to learn the language. Go there and have a look. It's probable I'll only be back after university graduation. I'll also become a student studying abroad. Just like Director. When are you leaving? This weekend. That's fast. Yeah, my mom arranged it. I heard that I have an uncle there. Where? New York. Can I do it well? Of course you will do well. But Online Radio it's not easy to start learning English initially. Exactly. My name is Online Radio. Say it. Ok. My name is Kim Bok.. No Lee Online Radio. Online Radio Lee. Your pronunciation’s totally off.

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