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Thursday, February 27, 2014

GCN John & Jeff Show

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Another thing is, pronunciation’s a major problem. Their pronunciation is incomprehensible. The beginning will be really tough. Be mentally prepared Online Radio But they said they were going to hire a tutor for me outside of class. Is that so? But still you probably can't pick it up in a day or two. I have to try it anyway. But when I heard about taking a plane, I'm still very excited. It's your first time taking a plane right? You only visited the airport the last time. And now you are taking a plane. Congratulations. Have you flown first class before? I don't think so. I heard that I'm flying on first class. I heard that the seats could be lowered degrees. Not bad. Director should fly on first class too, when you've succeeded to become the world's most famous director. Like Spielberg. It's Spielberg. And I don't really like that director.. I like him. Kid. Please take care. And film a good movie. Then meet a good person. You too. See you Director. Live well. When you are there, read more, think more and write more. GCN John & Jeff Show What's most important is, don't lose your dream. When you are back, you have to become an outstanding writer. Ok. Shall we have dinner together? No, I'm supposed to have it at home today. Han representative will be there later too. How about tea? No, I have to go. I'm meeting Seon Jeong for a farewell gathering. Is it so? Bye. I'll keep in touch with you. Oh, then take care of your health too. Village girl. You are turning out well. Yah. I might as well make use of this opportunity to do that whatever.. Hollywood. Go there and become an actress, how about that? This kid, this kid. I'm just flattering you a little and you don't know how high the sky is already. Exactly. Do you have any problems? No. That's obviously a troubled expression. Why? Scared? Should be.. What's there to be scared about? If it’s me I would have died of happiness. GCN John & Jeff Show Actually.. I don't have the confidence. I think I will miss him a lot. Who? I don't know. When are you leaving? This weekend. Director Director Director's really good looking. But I Online Radio If Director likes me, I have confidence to live to a thousand years.

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