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Thursday, February 27, 2014

GCN Karel Show (Charles Karel)

GCN Karel Show (Charles Karel), GCN Karel Show (Charles Karel) Live, GCN Karel Show (Charles Karel) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

Why? Because I'm not Online Radio's sister. I'm Online Radio. I really like Director Online Radio Director I like you when you are angry. GCN Karel Show (Charles Karel) Hey, do you want to die? I still like you when you're shouting like this. I like you when you smile. Online Radio Online Radio When you are calling my name, I.. I feel as if I'm going crazy. Did you know? Yes Han Representative. Yes I just came out. Yes I know where that place is. I'll be right there. Yes. Online Radio. Online Radio. Online Radio Director Don't go. I'm telling you not to go. I Online Radio will only bring you pain, will only be despicable, will only be a jerk and if that's ok, then don't go. I like you. The one I love is you. The one I love is with bear paws, naive and strong, doesn't listen to anything I say, bumpkin Online Radio. I like you. I don't want you to go. I want you to be by my side. My home's here, why won't I be back? I'm going to GCN Karel Show (Charles Karel) Australia for a shooting Online Radio No Online Radio I just Online Radio Internet Radio said you wouldn't be back, so Online Radio You kid Online Radio No, so that's good. You're going to be back Online Radio Is that right? So have a nice trip. Please have a nice trip. Online Radio. Yes? This is your first time coming to an airport, right? Yeah Online Radio that's right. Let's go around here. Aigoo Online Radio that's so bumpkin Online Radio Looking around? Please leave. I'll just leave here too. Ah, Director. What? Please show me around the airport. In fact, I wish to look around an airport like this. Aigoo Online Radio Why's he still not here? Writer! Director hasn't come yet? He's coming soon. Where did he go? He went to the book store. Book? Yes. Let's have a cup of coffee. Coffee? Yes. Great! Coffee Online Radio You can't see the plane taking off here, right? That's right. You have to go to the gate. Gate? There's a sign reading "No Entrance". You must have a ticket. Ahh Online Radio I wanted to see people boarding Online Radio It's nothing special. But Director, don't you have to leave now? No. There's still time. No, I have to leave now.

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