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Thursday, February 27, 2014

GCN Katherine Albrecht Show

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Do you? Umm Online Radio Director Online Radio What? When you come back Online Radio Present! Buy me present please. Kid Online Radio You are like a child. What present Online Radio Please have a nice trip. Ok. Go back. Please have a nice trip, Director! What's that Online Radio there Online Radio You also have a nice trip! You all have a nice trip! You're weird. What? You're not Online Radio Online Radio Online Radio Who would do something like that?! I didn't say anything. Don't talk nonsense. Director Online Radio Radios Internet Radio left for Australia? Yes, he left? Yes? You aren't off duty? Have a lot of work, huh? You said you had something to say. What is it? Oppa, what do you think of Online Radio? Online Radio? What? Grandfather and auntie seem to have great expectations of you. I'm asking what you think of her? It's so embarrassing. Why do you ask this kind of question? Just try your best! She's pretty. It will be great if you can get along with her. Why do you say this suddenly? No, I'm her cousin. So if she ends up with some great guy like you, that'll awesome. Something happened to Online Radio today? What happened? GCN Katherine Albrecht Show She looked for Internet Radio anxiously just now. What? It seemed something happened. You don't know? Oh, I don't know. Aigoo, how many days Online Radio Ajumma, do you know how happy I am today? Today is that day, that day. That day? The day that person returns. That person? There's no wine here, huh? I'll go and get some. What are you doing now? It's not like that Online Radio just Online Radio Mom Online Radio it's not like that Online Radio GCN Katherine Albrecht Show This is what I made Online Radio this Online Radio Carrot Bi Bim bap (fried rice), mom please just try this. Don't act like this. Mom, ahhh Online Radio Aigoo, why are you doing this? Don't Online Radio It's delicious, right? Internet Radio. Oh Online Radio! Had a nice trip? How are you? Writer Park? You went through a lot, right? Don't say this. Working with Internet Radio isn't possible for everyone, but me. You know? Yes, yes. Then I've been doing the impossible mission for years.

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