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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GCN The Block (Tim Mihalsky)

GCN The Block (Tim Mihalsky), GCN The Block (Tim Mihalsky) Live, GCN The Block (Tim Mihalsky) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

You Online Radio I know. I’ll shut up. It's quiet now. Return my work. If I see you again, I would be the ox in the mountains. What? Fine. I heard that you went to the performance? Was it nice? Yeah Jeong Hun oppa's good right? It's rare to find someone like him. Good temper, good capabilities, good looks. Oh Online Radio's going Australia tomorrow, you know right? Huh? You don't know? Online Radio may never return after this trip. You really don't know? There was a pretty good collaboration offer from this Australian film company. It's a large scale project that cannot be compared with what he's preparing now. If he goes to Australia and meet the people there, there is a % chance that they will want him for the job. You may not know now, how confused Online Radio is. Actually, to be working under Jeong Hun oppa, you need more than the average pride. That's why only Online Radio can work there. After all, he does have the capabilities. He's been so tired all this while. Actually, Australia's Online Radio's homeland. His mum is there too. I'm thinking he won't return either. There's nothing worth remembering here anyway. Really? Not coming back? Seems like you have suffered a huge blow. Yeah It's a blow. Because he's my Director. Hey Director Yeah Where's Ma PD? He says he's on his way here. Looks like he overslept. Aish Why don't we go for a cup of coffee? Let's submit our tickets. Let's wait for Ma PD to come before submitting together. He's not being punctual. Let's not wait for him. Eh Online Radio Director, you are so bad. Call him up to tell him we are leaving first. Why are there people who aren't punctual. Online Radio may never return after this trip. Why aren't you answering the cell? It's Ok. Is it that puppy? Where are you going? To settle some matters Online Radio. Director. Choi Online Radio Director. Has he left for Australia? Possibly. Why? Is something wrong? What time is the flight? It should be a morning flight. He should be on the plane right now. What? Director, where are you now? I'm already at the airport. How can you do this. Don't go, you can't go.

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