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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GCN Tech Night Owl Live (Gene Steinberg)

GCN Tech Night Owl Live (Gene Steinberg), GCN Tech Night Owl Live (Gene Steinberg) Live, GCN Tech Night Owl Live (Gene Steinberg) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

That's why I say I can't outtalk you. Oh Online Radio, what are you doing tomorrow? Tomorrow? Why? I see that you like sports. There's a soccer match tomorrow. Is it? Where? The Olympics stadium? Director Director, how are you? You weren't around just now? Have you done your homework? Homework? Didn't Internet Radio say he left you some homework? Ah Online Radio yah. Let me have a look. I can't. This can only be seen by my teacher. I told you to bring it over. I can't. It'll be awkward. Just bring it over. I'm your teacher too. I know. Quickly, bring it over. I already spent a lot of effort writing it. But because my foundation's too weak so I think so long as I work hard, I'll be able to Online Radio Online Radio, why do you want to do this? What? Why must it be a scriptwriter? There's so many things for you to do Why must it be this? I Online Radio You don't have the talent. Give it up. Not everyone can be a writer. Take a look at the colleges There's hundreds and thousands queuing to learn. But how many can eventually become writers, do you know? Do you think it's that easy? It's you who told me to do it. and it's you who wanted to help me with it. That is Online Radio You don't understand what I'm talking about now? I'm now talking about your attitude problem Attitude? Not talent? Yes. You, who wants to become a writer. Look at your outfit. Princess shoes, princess clothes. With this mentality, how can you understand the true meaning of the world? Your face's being made up as if you were going to perform. Can a pumpkin that has undergone a makeover become a watermelon? Buck up. If not, just give up now. Director. What? You shouldn't be like that. What? You are too despicable. You were talking about Online Radio this and Online Radio that initially and despicably told me to work with you. I didn't want to come back to Seoul but you hoodwinked me into coming back. I also know, know. How can a village girl be a writer. I know! I know! But a man can't say one thing and do another, understand? Shut up. You always ask me to shut up at the slightest provocation, calling me punk, kid.

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