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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


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Looks like they have big plans for it. After various enquiries, they have decided on you to be their partner. Do you know who will be the protagonist in that film? Mi Hyeon. In a while, that person will personally give Online Radio a call. She has excellent reporting capabilities. Was your mom the one who did the contacting? Huh? No. How can that be? My mum deals with business. She knows nothing about films. But, she does have a lot of contacts. And there's a lot of people who knows Online Radio, so maybe she just briefly mentioned your name only. I don't know what it's all about, but I reject. Tell your mum I'm rejecting it. Why? If I wanted to return to Australia, I wouldn't have come back. My present view is to first get the results of the film I'm now preparing for. Then I'll decide my next step. Online Radio. This is an opportunity. If you don't grab it, it's going to slip away. I'm not afraid. I just want to do well in what I'm doing now. I'm really going crazy. Then how about just meeting them during your trip? It's not too difficult to meet them, right? Promise that you'll meet with them, ok? I know. Online Radio. Didn't you say you are going out with Jeong Hun? Huh? Yes. How can you go dressed like this? No way. Go upstairs and I'll pick the clothes for you. Aiyoh Online Radio No need. I'm comfortable with this. Who doesn't know it's comfortable? But there's a place for comfortable clothes. You have to look at the venue. From now on you have to discuss with me what you're wearing for what occasions, understand? Come upstairs. Yes. Online Radio. Yes? Hey. You are getting prettier and prettier. Oh, no such thing. The performance's at , so I'll meet you at the main hall at . Erm, although I'm dressed like this, I don't like that kind of cultural atmosphere. Me neither, I don't like that too. But, I don't care. I'll just fall asleep when I watch that. We even have the same habits. Then we'll just fall asleep together. What are you so polite about? I can't out talk you. Have you always been so candid? No, that is not candid, that is ignorant.

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