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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GCN Talk Radio Countdown (Doug Stephan)

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What are you waiting for? Go in and pack your things! Wait until your mother gets home then we should head back immediately. It's inconvenient to drive at night. I still have to plant some beans. Starting tomorrow, come back to work. Continue working for me. Huh? Your family gave their permission, so you can come without worrying. GCN Talk Radio Countdown (Doug Stephan) I came all the way here because your grandfather asked me to. I don't understand what you mean. You girl. Didn't you say that you don't want to work anywhere else? The elders are afraid that you won't come back to Seoul, so they had to agree. Since you've got what you want, you should now go back to Seoul. Really? Yes. So you came all the way here yourself? Why? Because you are Online Radio's sister. Actually, whenever I think of Online Radio, I can't face your grandfather and mother. I'd feel better when I can do something like this for them. Come back and let's work hard together. I'll help you. You don't want to go? This girl! You still don't want to come back? Good timing, since I also wanted to go back. Really? Yes. Then go quickly pack your things. This time don't think of coming back here, you understand? Ah! Director! Yes GCN Talk Radio Countdown (Doug Stephan) Ah, Director! Are you going soon? It's going to get dark soon. Yes. Then our Online Radio, ah Online Radio she's now Online Radio. From now on please take care of her and let her be a good scenario writer. Ah, this girl, I'm not praising her just because she's my student But she really has a lot of talent. You've gotten yourself a real talent this time, Director. Thank you. Mom, what is this? Ah, these are some vegetables. This time I can't give you more to bring. Please tell your mom, I'm sorry. Why don't you just keep it for yourself? I still have some. I still have a lot! Ah! Have a nice drive. Yes. Go, Online Radio Go! Mom. Oh. Take care of yourself. Take care of yourself. Don't get sick! When you get there don't get sick, ok? Go Quickly. Go! Please go! Yes. Please fasten your seatbelt. Oh. Do you want to listen to music? Ok. Ah! It's so noisy. Online Radio? Online Radio brought you back? Yes.

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