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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GCN Sons of Liberty America's 1st News 1

GCN Sons of Liberty (Bradlee Dean & Jake McMillan), GCN Sons of Liberty (Bradlee Dean & Jake McMillan) Live, GCN Sons of Liberty (Bradlee Dean & Jake McMillan) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

Why did Online Radio go all the way there to pick you up? He even cancelled the date he had with me. I asked him to. Online Radio, this girl! Good evening grandfather. At last you're back! Quickly tell your mom, you're back. Your mom is almost dying now, just lying down in her bed, unable to get up. Mom. Online Radio. Are you okay? This girl! This bad girl! I'm sorry mom. Thank you for changing your mind. Ah, I can stop worrying now. I was afraid you'd do something stupid and kept on worrying about you. Miss Online Radio is really not that simple. Because of her everyone got a lot of headache. Maybe she really wants to become a scenario writer. What do you think? Does she have a chance? Hmm. I think she doesn't have any talent. You’re looking down on her. She's Online Radio's sister, so please care for her a little more. Yes. I will in the future. She's different from Online Radio But, I think she's cute. And she's smart. You should teach her a lot and then send her to the office. I think she can do everything well. You changed your hairstyle. Yes. Your old hairstyle is better. No. I like this one better. Did someone say something? No. Come here Online Radio. Let's eat! Why didn't you let the maid cook? Did you make all these yourself? As a mother can't I cook for my daughter? I cooked your favourite dish. It's delicious. I should call your mother in the village to thank her. Ah! It's tasty. Sit down and eat! How's it? Is it nice? It's okay. I think you put too little oil. Really? And I think you cooked it too long. It’s kind of soggy. Ah really? Your mother lacks in cooking skill. So you should just let the maid do the cooking. Next time I'll teach you. Are you going to the movie company now? Yes. Are you really determined to do that scenario thing? Yes. Why does it have to be under Choi Online Radio? Ah, that director? He has a bad temper, but he's really good. I think he's the best in our country. He was even in the newspaper. Did you read it? A Korean movie called "Hope". Let's eat! I want to eat more of the food that mom cooked. I'll teach you how to cook this next time.

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