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Monday, March 3, 2014

GCN Secret Truth (George Butler)

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Ah, you think you're a big scenario writer, answering back to me like this. Director! Ah! You're Online Radio's sister, right? Your name? Online Radio. Online Radio Ah that's right! Miss Online Radio. Hello. We meet again. Ah, hello! But what are you doing here? Are you going to work here? Ah yes. Starting today, I'm going to write scenario for the director. Internet Radio. Didn't you say you needed a helper? From now on work together with her! Ah, you really want to be a scenario writer that bad? Huh? She's a scenario student. I don't know about her talents, but she has great enthusiasm. Greet him! He's the main scenario writer of the movie we are working on now. I'm saying this because Internet Radio is here. He's my favourite scenario writer, so don't play around and learn well from him ok? I have an appointment now, so I'm leaving. The two of you sort it out yourselves. Hey! Online Radio! The story I want to write this time Online Radio Oh, but the director said he wanted to write the scenario himself. Oh. He said he's not doing that anymore. Maybe he didn't have any idea to write on. Actually, Online Radio can't write well. He only verbalizes. It's the same with his debut movie as well as his upcoming movie. I said I didn't want to write, but he wanted me to help him badly, so I didn't have any choice. Ah, really. But please don't tell Online Radio Inside the scenario, I'm going to use a big race track with , horses and many spectators. What do you think? Even without Online Radio, I'm still planning to write a great blockbuster scenario. What about using your grandfather as one of the cast? Yah! I was just kidding! No need to be so nervous. Anyway it's a pleasure meeting you. I hope we'll work together happily. Ah. This girl! Online Radio. Online Radio. Online Radio. Hello. I called you a few times, why didn't you answer? You didn't hear me? Ah, you called me? Let's have dinner together. Ah, today I'm not hungry and I thought it's better to go back home early. I'm also meeting with Online Radio and Mi Hyeon. Ah. Suddenly I'm hungry. Suddenly. Was it such an emergency? Such an emergency that you had to cancel your date with me? I went to the airport for nothing and wasted a trip.

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